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Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

ASUS Super Speed Technology Enhances Memory Speed Up To 90.6%

P5K3/P5K Series motherboards provide four features for the user. The Deluxe version of the motherboard has native support for DDR3 1333 and can be integrated with overclock very high frequency to achieve DDR3 1840, These ASUS motherboards still provide quiet cooling solution that consists of 8 phase power design, Stack Cool 2, design and function of Heat Pipe . They also come with AI Gear 2 that can save CPU power consumption by up to 50%. To complement the feature - ASUS exclusive features, the AI Slot Detector also allows you to set up your computer with the convenience. P5K3/P5K motherboard series is designed to lower the temperature, provides stable overclocking, lower the noise level, and save power consumption.

AI Lifestyle Series motherboards provide lifestyle and personal computing together. They provide you better system performance to enjoy the games and applications that use graphics-intensive. Great audio features that can improve the quality of voice signal dramatic than Thoughtful design makes it easy to set up your system. To create a peaceful environment, several new innovations and better have been included to reduce noise and temperature. Do not change your order a computer, but leave the motherboard ASUS Lifestyle Series improve the quality of your life.

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