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Selasa, 31 Maret 2009

Indonesia Can Follow Clickbank NOW..!!

Happy news colleagues for Internet Marketers! Now we get back ClickBank citizen of Indonesia to open an account. Create extra income with promoting ClickBank products!

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Kamis, 26 Maret 2009

Cafero, Coffee Creator Robot

My coffee is not a fan. Whether the instant coffee, sweet coffee, coffee milk, coffee or mongoose though. At most I drink coffee when a neighbor next kos nawarin or pas in the office when sleepy again. But this time not about the kind of coffee or the technology behind the espresso machine. Cafero about this time, the robot espresso. When you want coffee, just click the menu to stay in the robot and a cup of coffee ready for you. Yujin Robot-made robot that came from Korea is designed to serve the making of coffee. Why coffee? ya .. if he is to make special drinks gingseng Korea may be a bit difficult times yee ..

Impressed with this robot? DO NOT! because students are able to create a more powerful than this. LCEN still remember the 2008? One of the team finalisnya Ganbatte kudasai UGM's entry in the category Elka Idustri Design is able to make up the tool peracik drink with the voice-based PC. Is still based PC, but have been able to receive voice messages and translate into ... .. beverages.

Senin, 23 Maret 2009

Hercules Mobile DJ MP3

New York, NY - (30 April 2008) - Hercules, the computer DJ entertainment specialist, brings fun of DJ mixing to music fans around the world with the first wireless digital mixing mini-controller, Mobile DJ MP3. The intuitive, user-friendly DJ mixing controller for PC, Mobile DJ MP3 allows you to personalize the music and as a DJ machine. Portable Mobile DJ MP3 is the price of $ 99.99 in black and white, and online at, J & R Computer World, Musician's Friend, American Musical Supply, and more. (

Until now, DJ mixing novices have found only semi-professional or professional DJ hardware or software, a complex mixture of practice and agility to act on the basis. Mobile DJ MP3, mobile phone, dual-deck DJ mixer available, the cost is reasonable, the general consumer solution for people 12 years old and mix their favorite digital music from their homes and beaten. In fact, this wireless handheld mixer the host of the party, music and dance, and more sociable with friends.

"Given the explosion in popularity of MP3, we mini MP3 DJ Neuling control all the time for music and entertainment for all ages," explains François Garet, Development Director of the Hercules product line to music. "Our new portable controller makes mixing easy by each instrument to have fun, their own record of digital music."

google ocean

After the success with Google Earth, the scientist Mountain View (city google headquarters) is now trying exploration into the sea. Not only the sea, but also bottom ocean. This map are later in the 3D format. This software will allow users to see the content of the oceans with the navigation key. Fore, software development plan is the addition of important data about the sea floor, such as: weather conditions around the sea, the type of coral that live in the ocean Basic, dead famous ship in the sea base, and not behind the ocean currents.

Main goal of the google ocean itself is to make high resolution image (possible) so that later on this software can not only information but also as research material under the sea.

Like Google Earth, Google later this ocean is also designed "internet base." so, you must access the database for them to get a picture of your basic search ocean. We wait only when this software will be completed and released to the public. Yes .. remember exploration under the sea this course will be more difficult than the surface of the earth.

Previously, the google map also have a map of dead ships, a map of the cable under the sea, the sea temperature maps, etc.. following picture:

Copy directly to 60 Flashdisk

It appears that the copying file to and from flashdisk is an interesting event. after the gadget for you to Copy Flash Disk 20 Also now have a more extremely big. three times greater that 60 flashdisk simultaneously. ckckck. So .. who like copying data, must hurry buy this gadget.

This gadget has a speed maksimum5.6 MB (mega bytes) per second for each port. On average, this gadget can fill the full 60 flashdisk 25 MB within 90 seconds. This gadget can connected to your PC with a fast USB or ethernet port. Terrible, this gadget is equipped with 128-bit encryption. As always, the feature is sold separately: ( as usual again, the price requested Oh mu God..!!. $ 7999)

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