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Selasa, 28 April 2009

Get Your File Extension PLS !!

One of music lovers. Thus, you should know that this means that the iTunes on your ear. Many of the songs to play, stop, pause, and for several minutes. You can not remember how many times you play the song in the day.

By magic, called the file extension file extension PLS. The file extension is that you remember some of the songs played over and over again. File extension PLS supporting friends recall how many times they have some songs song, rock, pop, indie, alternative, and more. Now, given the song can have more than one thousand times. It is easy to distinguish what is your favorite song and what does not. More you know they are loved, that you will be able to identify a music CD, you want to buy.

Did you know that your file extension is important. The rest of the time you have a lot of songs. DIT file extension and see the notes on the iTunes interface. This is your other music. The more you learn the meaning and function of the file that you receive. The best way to find out what the file extension PLS to get help online. Make your music lovers get maximize to get fully enjoy with every music you love it. And get your file extension for free now!!

Minggu, 26 April 2009

GM's Volt Save the Company? Need The Truth?

Behind Obama and criticism from the head of the council months ago, GM built the necessary steps to ensure that plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt is, commercial success.

Last week, GM, Mr Obama said he does not need to convince, and plans to increase the rejection, and the automaker warned that in May before the bankruptcy. Part of the problem, according to the administration reports that the company is not the right mix to compete with manufacturers of motor vehicles. For example, V, Toyota has been the leader in green technology vehicles "that are expected to be much more expensive than gasoline, fuel and colleagues may have to reduce the production of a dynamic business," said the report.

But the Volt in GM's plan for "reinventing our company," said Tony Posawatz, vehicle line manager for the Volt, in a conference call with reporters last week. Cars will be used again in May and the 40 miles without gasoline. During the trip, ship generators, gasoline or ethanol, the battery is in the range cars. GM plans to use the basic platform for the Volt in a variety of vehicles. This gave two products in the car, Cadillac and other plug-in hybrids for Europe.

Sabtu, 25 April 2009

Car With 50 Miles Of Battery-Powered Range.

The first module in the hybrid, which is sold in the United States, may, Fisker Karma, as the release in November. Fisker Automotive, which introduced the concept of karma, in January, recently at $ 87 million, which should be in manufacture. A number of other plug-in hybrids, including models from GM, Chrysler and Toyota planned on coming years.

Reputation is a luxury car of four people can use, and again on battery power only for 50 miles. Then, running on generator fuel onboard battery contents back, extending 250 miles from the content box. In the production of electricity from solar panels on the roof of choice, especially for parking, but some of them may also be the battery. Car battery lithium manganese oxide, lithium Advanced Energy, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Battery with the same options for Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in hybrid, due in November 2010.

Henrik Fisker, the designer free, and co-founder, said that the New York Auto Show last month that the car is part of the effort to prove that in a small car, rather than opinion. To return to action, a car, the high price of $ 87,000.

This machine is faster, but not green as a plug-in for another big size. Two 150-kilowatt electric motor of 403 hp - enough for 60 miles per hour in 5.8 seconds. (It took more than 9 seconds, volts.) However, the nature of the acceleration in the "Sport", the second battery power and natural gas generators. Stealth mode requires a driver exclusively on electricity stored in batteries.

Jumat, 24 April 2009

Brand New Liquid Battery

Without a good opportunity for the storage of electricity on a large scale, solar energy is not right on the night. One of the most promising option is the storage, a new type of battery with a liquid. Prototypes of the liquid will take less than a third of the battery and this reaction may be more.

Battery that is not like other. Metal electrodes, electrolytes, and the time between them and salt. This leads to the remarkable stability of the aircraft can quickly absorb much energy. Electrodes, electric "tens of times [battery], which is measured," said Donald Sadoway, chemistry, MIT professor and one of the inventors of the battery. In addition, the materials cheap, and can easily industries.

The first prototype consists of a plateau surrounded by insulating material. Researchers have been melt, add the raw material: the antimony sulfide electrolytes such as sodium in the middle, and magnesium in the head. Because each material has a different density, they also differ in the natural situation, the simplification of industry. Container for a collector, the power of electrons, such as solar panels or electricity to the network for business and residential customers.

Rabu, 22 April 2009

"Kitching" Atomic Magnetometers

Magnetic fields are everywhere, from the human body with a metal buried in the mine. Even molecules such as proteins to produce their own magnetic fields. Both magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a description of the body, and NMR spectroscopy (NMR) studies of protein and other substances, such as oil, depending on the magnetic information. But this current sensor to detect the weak, but significant magnetic fields are weak. Some portable and inexpensive, but not very sensitive, very sensitive, but also other stationary, expensive and power.

Kitching Now John, a physicist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, CO, is the development of small, low-power magnetic sensors almost as sensitive as the big, expensive land. About the size of a thick grain rice, called the atomic magnetometer sensors. Kitching hope that one day in the portable MRI machine is faster and cheaper detectors for blind pedestrians.

Small sensor that consists of three parts, vertically in the silicon chip. Ready for infrared laser and infrared photo-detector silicon sandwich and a glass cube with the evaporated cesium atoms. In the absence of a magnetic field, the laser light by cesium atom. Even before the very weak magnetic fields when the atom to change, so that they absorb light in proportion to the strength of the field. This amendment is supported by photo cells. "This is a simple configuration with highly good sensitivity," Kitching says.

Google Plans to Take Over TV, Can They???

Google may win on TV? Yesterday I spoke with Keval Desai, product manager Google TV unit, and it was good you know I can.

"As Internet TV," says Desai. From the perspective of advertisers, you have a point. In 1980 the popular television program, such as the Cosby Show is one half of the total population in the United States is now one of the best seller, for example, American Idol, the capacity of the four spectators. The difference is that now is a few tens of channels, each group of visitors. Desai as a reference, via the Internet: the audience, who already have, but have different contents.

Thus, television production, such as Google Adwords. Advertisers select keywords and cost per day (per thousand population in the notice.) Systems, to learn where and when you must. Google ready to offer other web sites: the role of the early start, with the advertiser, to study the demographic population (Google search).

This service is clear about the different types of TV ads. In addition to the simple user interface, including the TV guide for Google in the market and find someone who can help you. In fact, Desai said, the plan, advertisers are not advertising on television, and in addition to the specific network in the U.S. are usually not very grateful.

Rabu, 15 April 2009

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Jumat, 10 April 2009

Online Data Backups, Can You??

Backing up and protecting data should be something that every business or human strives to do. Data is very authoritative, specially for businesses or individuals who make a living using their computers. If you have never looked into backing up your files or haven’t backed them up before, you should really look into it before it is too late.

Among the many ways to back up your files are online data backups. Online backups are great for businesses, as they'll protect your data. You can think of this method as being a server and a host, as the company stores your information over the Internet. You can log in at anytime, and access your data. If your hard drive crashes, you can easily access the data you need without being forced to wait until your data is recovered by a specialist.

Although online data backups are great, they do have some concerns with protection. Although the server is indeed encrypted, it isn’t completely safe. Hackers can get into the system if they are good enough, although it is very rare. Online back up companies make their living protecting data, which is why they are so very popular. They know what they are doing, and they can keep your data safe.

The best thing about online data backups is the fact that the information isn’t stored at your office. It doesn’t require the amount of space that CD or DVD media back up uses, nor do you have to protect it from employees who aren’t authorized to access it. The company that you select does all of the work for you, and they protect the data from prying eyes. You upload the data to their servers, then you and whomever you give the login data to are the only ones who can access it.

Before you make a final decision on whom to use for your online data backup services, you should choose one that is fully secure, has great lockout policies, and human security around their facility as well. The better companies will offer state of the art security, with no fear of anything coming in contact with your data. Even though they can tend be expensive, the last thing you want is to pay money for a service that doesn’t fully protect your information.

If you do your research and think about what each company has to offer you, you can plan accordingly. You should always look into the track record and past history of the company as well, to find out just how well they protect data. Your data and information is your life, so you’ll obviously want to choose and online back up company who takes a lot of pride in their performance - and will protect your data no matter what.

Video Cases and Camera Bags Methods

Camera bags are an important part of the professional photographer and a videographer's equipment. In fact, it must be something that every photographer or videographer should have, amateur or professional. This is because this will act as a protective device for expensive equipment and a video camera.

You must know that the camera is sensitive and expensive electronic equipment. Must be protected when not in use. Some of the cases, or even a bag specially designed for weather conditions to help protect the equipment from all the violence of nature. For example, if you want to take photos of the island or beach, you will need a case or a video camera bag that both waterproof and dustproof. Should not have a foreign object into the bag and contaminate the insides your expensive equipment.

Sand can scratch the camera lens and your water can short circuit the sensitive and expensive electronic equipment in your camera. This is why it is important for you to get a video camera bag or case to effectively protect your camera.

Since the camera and video equipment is electronic equipment that is quite expensive, this is a prime target for thieves. This is why you should get a camera bag that does not scream expensive photography and videography equipment. Must be simple enough to fool people to see that the bag does not contain expensive equipment. This is why some camera bag and video case manufacturers designed their camera bag and video case for the conventional backpack.

If you want maximum protection, you should get a camera bag with built-in foam padding. With this feature, you'll never worry about dropping your bag with camera and video equipment inside. Akan safe cushion in case of equipment that hits a hard surface or if you accidentally dropped it.

Camera and video cases should also have enough space for all your equipment to fit. Should be able to match the laptop, lens, batteries, and other equipment in it. In addition, there must be in separate compartments for each type of camera and video equipment to put them organized and easily found. This means no more cable masai and not damaged or scratched lenses.

Other features to look for equipment that is installed must be strict in order to prevent the bag from moving around while you're on the go. You should consider that too many in the movement will notify you expensive gear bump into each other that most likely will cause damage.

Here are some things to look for in a camera bag and video. Will be able effectively to protect the equipment and at the same time, allows you to access the equipment you need without too much difficulty.

Always remember that camera and video equipment bag is an important part of your camera. Will be able effectively to protect equipment from damage due to foreign substances into your pocket, and can also protect you from the mound due to decrease accidentally or deliberately do not let the bag on the surface of the hard bump.

With a camera bag, you can ensure that the damage can be avoided when you are traveling to the location shooting. It Can let you take photos or video in a long time.

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