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Senin, 23 Maret 2009

Copy directly to 60 Flashdisk

It appears that the copying file to and from flashdisk is an interesting event. after the gadget for you to Copy Flash Disk 20 Also now have a more extremely big. three times greater that 60 flashdisk simultaneously. ckckck. So .. who like copying data, must hurry buy this gadget.

This gadget has a speed maksimum5.6 MB (mega bytes) per second for each port. On average, this gadget can fill the full 60 flashdisk 25 MB within 90 seconds. This gadget can connected to your PC with a fast USB or ethernet port. Terrible, this gadget is equipped with 128-bit encryption. As always, the feature is sold separately: ( as usual again, the price requested Oh mu God..!!. $ 7999)

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