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Kamis, 29 Januari 2009

LG Prepare 25 New Ponsel

LG Mobile will launch the latest mobile phone models 25 to open 30 outlets and service centers across the country more as an effort to stabilize the position to reach the target of five major mobile phone brand. John Halikm, Product Manager of LG Mobile LG phone optimistic seize the position in five major exchanges phone sales in Indonesia.

"To encourage the acceleration of achievement that position, we will soon be launched 25 models of new products," he said on the sidelines of the dedication and service center outlets LG in Denpasar last week.

He added the launch of a series of new mobile phone products that will be offset by opening 30 outlets and service centers throughout the country until the end of this year.

John also said the basic achievement of optimism is ranked five by looking at the performance of LG mobile phone sales in the world market during the semester I 2008. Total LG mobile phone sales reached 27.7 million units or through a number of sales competitors, Motorola recorded a 26.6 million.

"Globally, LG was ranked third after Nokia and Samsung. Condition make us optimistic for the marketing strategy to strict enough in Indonesia," he said.

According to him, LG mobile phone sales growth since entering Indonesia in 2005 and has been very significant color mobile phone market in the country.

This can be indicated by the growth in 2006-2007 to reach 600%. He is assessing the condition indicates that the product LG mobile phone can receive the public good.

Grew 200%

Mobile phone manufacturers origin South Korea hopes that this year could reach 200% growth. LG optimistic that the target for 25 new mobile phones being prepared to spread to all segments, from the bottom to the premium segment.

Two of them recently launched a reliable market to attract middle and top, that is, the type and KC550 KT 610. "They immediately got tremendous response from the community," he said.

John explains the trend in the mobile phone market currently dominated by products with the price down to Rp2 million, 80% of the market, while the remaining 20% is the mobile phone market with prices above Rp2 million.

For this, LG has designed allotment schedule and the launch of 25 new types of products. Special smart phone market, LG will be launched after series smart phone 610 KT.

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