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Rabu, 21 Januari 2009


Watch the video with the big screen using the iPhone only has a screen measuring 3.5 "You can already enjoy. Now there is a new product that glide Mini Projector iPhone. This innovation of new products capable of displaying video that operated through the iPhone to display a large stick with the only projector on the iPhone. iphone projector without need to use the cable, the equipment is to be very efficient.

And was used wherever you go, such as this tool will be very easy to provide support and efficiency to make presentations whenever and wherever you want, without having to think about electricity.

This mini-projector can display images in the form of screen size to 37 "with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and is supported with a 2 watt stereo speakers. Mini projector's lamp provides up to 15 ANSI lumens with a contrast ratio of "stunning" 200:1. The quality and the incredible benefits that resulted from a projector mini-sized 76 x 102 x 54 mm. This mini-projector can be used for the iPhone, iPhone 3g, iPod Touch and even the iPod Video version.

Have this mini-projector, then your life will feel lighter and easier.

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