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Senin, 23 Maret 2009

google ocean

After the success with Google Earth, the scientist Mountain View (city google headquarters) is now trying exploration into the sea. Not only the sea, but also bottom ocean. This map are later in the 3D format. This software will allow users to see the content of the oceans with the navigation key. Fore, software development plan is the addition of important data about the sea floor, such as: weather conditions around the sea, the type of coral that live in the ocean Basic, dead famous ship in the sea base, and not behind the ocean currents.

Main goal of the google ocean itself is to make high resolution image (possible) so that later on this software can not only information but also as research material under the sea.

Like Google Earth, Google later this ocean is also designed "internet base." so, you must access the database for them to get a picture of your basic search ocean. We wait only when this software will be completed and released to the public. Yes .. remember exploration under the sea this course will be more difficult than the surface of the earth.

Previously, the google map also have a map of dead ships, a map of the cable under the sea, the sea temperature maps, etc.. following picture:

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