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Kamis, 26 Maret 2009

Cafero, Coffee Creator Robot

My coffee is not a fan. Whether the instant coffee, sweet coffee, coffee milk, coffee or mongoose though. At most I drink coffee when a neighbor next kos nawarin or pas in the office when sleepy again. But this time not about the kind of coffee or the technology behind the espresso machine. Cafero about this time, the robot espresso. When you want coffee, just click the menu to stay in the robot and a cup of coffee ready for you. Yujin Robot-made robot that came from Korea is designed to serve the making of coffee. Why coffee? ya .. if he is to make special drinks gingseng Korea may be a bit difficult times yee ..

Impressed with this robot? DO NOT! because students are able to create a more powerful than this. LCEN still remember the 2008? One of the team finalisnya Ganbatte kudasai UGM's entry in the category Elka Idustri Design is able to make up the tool peracik drink with the voice-based PC. Is still based PC, but have been able to receive voice messages and translate into ... .. beverages.

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