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Minggu, 26 April 2009

GM's Volt Save the Company? Need The Truth?

Behind Obama and criticism from the head of the council months ago, GM built the necessary steps to ensure that plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt is, commercial success.

Last week, GM, Mr Obama said he does not need to convince, and plans to increase the rejection, and the automaker warned that in May before the bankruptcy. Part of the problem, according to the administration reports that the company is not the right mix to compete with manufacturers of motor vehicles. For example, V, Toyota has been the leader in green technology vehicles "that are expected to be much more expensive than gasoline, fuel and colleagues may have to reduce the production of a dynamic business," said the report.

But the Volt in GM's plan for "reinventing our company," said Tony Posawatz, vehicle line manager for the Volt, in a conference call with reporters last week. Cars will be used again in May and the 40 miles without gasoline. During the trip, ship generators, gasoline or ethanol, the battery is in the range cars. GM plans to use the basic platform for the Volt in a variety of vehicles. This gave two products in the car, Cadillac and other plug-in hybrids for Europe.

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