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Rabu, 22 April 2009

Google Plans to Take Over TV, Can They???

Google may win on TV? Yesterday I spoke with Keval Desai, product manager Google TV unit, and it was good you know I can.

"As Internet TV," says Desai. From the perspective of advertisers, you have a point. In 1980 the popular television program, such as the Cosby Show is one half of the total population in the United States is now one of the best seller, for example, American Idol, the capacity of the four spectators. The difference is that now is a few tens of channels, each group of visitors. Desai as a reference, via the Internet: the audience, who already have, but have different contents.

Thus, television production, such as Google Adwords. Advertisers select keywords and cost per day (per thousand population in the notice.) Systems, to learn where and when you must. Google ready to offer other web sites: the role of the early start, with the advertiser, to study the demographic population (Google search).

This service is clear about the different types of TV ads. In addition to the simple user interface, including the TV guide for Google in the market and find someone who can help you. In fact, Desai said, the plan, advertisers are not advertising on television, and in addition to the specific network in the U.S. are usually not very grateful.

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