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Sabtu, 25 April 2009

Car With 50 Miles Of Battery-Powered Range.

The first module in the hybrid, which is sold in the United States, may, Fisker Karma, as the release in November. Fisker Automotive, which introduced the concept of karma, in January, recently at $ 87 million, which should be in manufacture. A number of other plug-in hybrids, including models from GM, Chrysler and Toyota planned on coming years.

Reputation is a luxury car of four people can use, and again on battery power only for 50 miles. Then, running on generator fuel onboard battery contents back, extending 250 miles from the content box. In the production of electricity from solar panels on the roof of choice, especially for parking, but some of them may also be the battery. Car battery lithium manganese oxide, lithium Advanced Energy, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Battery with the same options for Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in hybrid, due in November 2010.

Henrik Fisker, the designer free, and co-founder, said that the New York Auto Show last month that the car is part of the effort to prove that in a small car, rather than opinion. To return to action, a car, the high price of $ 87,000.

This machine is faster, but not green as a plug-in for another big size. Two 150-kilowatt electric motor of 403 hp - enough for 60 miles per hour in 5.8 seconds. (It took more than 9 seconds, volts.) However, the nature of the acceleration in the "Sport", the second battery power and natural gas generators. Stealth mode requires a driver exclusively on electricity stored in batteries.

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