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Jumat, 24 April 2009

Brand New Liquid Battery

Without a good opportunity for the storage of electricity on a large scale, solar energy is not right on the night. One of the most promising option is the storage, a new type of battery with a liquid. Prototypes of the liquid will take less than a third of the battery and this reaction may be more.

Battery that is not like other. Metal electrodes, electrolytes, and the time between them and salt. This leads to the remarkable stability of the aircraft can quickly absorb much energy. Electrodes, electric "tens of times [battery], which is measured," said Donald Sadoway, chemistry, MIT professor and one of the inventors of the battery. In addition, the materials cheap, and can easily industries.

The first prototype consists of a plateau surrounded by insulating material. Researchers have been melt, add the raw material: the antimony sulfide electrolytes such as sodium in the middle, and magnesium in the head. Because each material has a different density, they also differ in the natural situation, the simplification of industry. Container for a collector, the power of electrons, such as solar panels or electricity to the network for business and residential customers.

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